Looking for a fun and exciting DIY adventure?
Experience the thrills of an escape room on-the-go as you explore and complete Map Quest Challenges!

We’ll provide you with a map and you do the rest, on your time and schedule.
Be warned, though…these challenges aren’t for the faint of heart!
They can range from HOURS to DAYS to complete!
Spoiler: No hints or help from us! 

Note: Map Quest Challenges are provided by Lakeland Escape Room but are NOT actual Escape Rooms. After you purchase a challenge, you’ll be sent a map to guide you through the challenge. Map Quest Challenges are more of a Treasure Hunt-style game to be completed at your pace.



Lakeland Map Quest (previously named “Treasure Hunt”) is our first Map Quest Challenge! Since the “Treasure” has been seized, take a stab at it for a chance to win serious bragging rights! So, How well do you know your city…?

Lakeland MAP QUEST


Search for “treasure” in Downtown Lakeland! Perfect for BEGINNER LEVEL or people age 8- First Timers . Younger kids may need help with some of the puzzles. Register any time, play any time! (Previously known as the Kids Treasure Hunt)

New Challenges…coming soon!

More map quest challenges coming soon!