Are you up for the challenge? Think fast and act faster.
Escape the room before your time is up!

Get a group together, pick one of four themed escape room games, and get ready for an hour of puzzle-solving, mind-bending fun!



So, you’re an avid gamer, huh? Are you up for a real-life escape challenge? Turn up the intensity and take on a high-level escape game that will challenge the most hardcore game and puzzle enthusiast. Put the controller down, and see if you can handle a game with real stakes.


Looking to spice up your company events or team-building activities? Come to Lakeland Escape Room, and experience a new way to work together. Get out of the workplace, and have a little fun with your team. Plus, discover which of you are super sleuths and puzzle geniuses, and leverage it for a raise (just kidding)!


You’ve had enough movie nights to last you awhile…try something different! Planning an engagement, birthday present, or “just because” surprise? Give us a call, and we’ll help you set it up. Get ready for a night of tricky puzzles, and see who has what it takes to beat the clock!


Take on a fun, new challenge with your loved ones! Get a group together, and prepare for an hour of puzzle solving and a real-life escape challenge that’ll get your adrenaline pumping. Be adventurous with the ones you love, and make lots of lasting memories while you’re at it.



“This was so much fun! I had zero idea what to expect and the experience was better than I imagined. The clues were fun & our game master was very entertaining. 10/10, can’t wait to do it again!”

Deborah Dodge, Facebook

“Unique well-planned rooms! We loved the first one (The Asylum) that we came back later tonight to do Split which is a new room they have! Each room was suspenseful, challenging and fun! Coming from an avid escape room visitor, these are top notch rooms! The employees that helped us were also very kind and welcoming! Thanks for a fun evening!!”

Caitlyn Kent, Facebook

“This was my first time visiting. My friends & I did the cinema escape room. Although we didn’t escape, we had a blast trying. The staff was extremely nice. I’ll definitely be returning.”

LaQuinda Holley, Facebook

“Very fun. And different I love how it makes everyone work together and forget about there phones & social media. Definitely will be returning again.”

Richie Taylor, Facebook

“Great team building activity! Had a good experience with a great crew.”

Jamie Fiore, Facebook

“This place is great. The staff is amazing and so helpful. I had a birthday party there. Everything went smoothly and it was great. We will definitely be back to try the other rooms. Had a blast!!!!”

Ami Davis, Facebook

“I’ve done multiple escape rooms across the USA, and Asylum has been my favorite! The staff are friendly and helpful. Great experience; highly recommended for friends or family!”

Amanda Schell, Facebook

“My Fiancé and I recently went as a fun date. We chose the Coffee Cartel room (which turned out to be the hardest room), and it had plenty of challenging and fun puzzles to solve. Feeling like you’re going down the rabbit hole! While she and I didn’t complete the entire room, we had an excellent time and will definitely be returning to check out the other rooms available.”

Will Karr, Google

“Loved this place and experience All in All! Did the room SPLIT with some friends and it was so fun and extremely thrill-seeking. Our Game Master Jo was the best and made sure that we all had a great time. 11 out of 10 definitely recommend.”

Sophie Nefzger, Google

“Amazing room design and innovating, good-level-of-challenge puzzles. Polite staff and clean space. Noah and Christina specifically are amazing and you’ll love it!”

Alexander H, Google

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