Your sweet friend Nina apparently has another side you are about to meet! You’re stuck in Nina’s bedroom when her personality suddenly goes from sweet to scary. Get out before her “bad” side gets you…


You have joined your friends at your classmate Nina’s house. Nina has always been very particular and keeps her room incredibly tidy. She likes things kept a certain way or she gets very upset… When her friends start messing with her perfectly placed belongings, something very strange occurrs. One of Nina’s personality ‘alters’, a 16 year old name Gina, emerges. Mean Gina is very protective of sweet little Nina. Now she has all of you locked in the room and is ready for vengeance. Lights Out is in 60 minutes and you will be left in the dark, leaving you completely vulnerable to crazy Gina!

Can you find Nina’s hidden way back that gets rid of Gina and will help you get yourselves out before it’s too late?


Intermediate/Advanced Players



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