Lakeland Escape Room contains fun and challenging puzzles your group must solve before your time runs out! Our games are real-life escape games where you and others must race to beat the clock and escape from a locked room in less than one hour. We have curated the best concepts and themes for you!


SPLIT room at Lakeland Escape Room

Your sweet friend Nina has an ‘alter’ personality you are about to meet. You’re stuck in Nina’s bedroom when her personality suddenly goes from sweet to scary. Get out before her “bad” side gets you…


Something’s wrong at the Willowbrook State Insane Asylum…and it isn’t the patients. The doctor has something up his sleeve, and you need to get out of there…QUICK.

THE cinema

You thought you’d be having an exciting time at a movie premiere, and in the blink of an eye, your ticket’s gone! Looks like you thought wrong…

THE speakeasy

It was your plan to corner a notorious crime boss in his own speakeasy, but it looks like he might’ve gotten to you first. Can you escape before everything goes up in flames?