The Cinema

A night at the movies has turned hectic! Your only way into a prestigious event is now out of reach. Find your ticket and race against the clock or it’s curtains for you!

About the Cinema

You and your friends have won tickets to this year’s blockbuster movie opening premiere, ESCAPE FROM REALITY! You head out for a fun night of rubbing shoulders with the actors on the red carpet. While inside the theater lobby, you realize you have lost your golden ticket! You know you had it when you arrived, but now it is mysteriously missing. Your movie premiere begins in 60 minutes. Will you find your golden ticket and head in to Auditorium 3 to catch the premiere? Or will you be left in the lobby while your friends enjoy this exciting adventure without you!


Intermediate Players



Lakeland, Florida’s newest entertainment destination – Lakeland Escape Room.

308 E. Pine Street
Lakeland, Florida 33801


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