The Speakeasy

There’s an eerie calmness inside the speakeasy…as if things are TOO quiet. You’re looking for a notorious crime boss in Tampa, and as you’re searching the speakeasy, a door clicks “locked” behind you. That’s when you discover a neatly wrapped package that is ticking suspiciously…

About the Speakeasy

You’re an investigator closing in on notorious crime boss Wild Bill Gutierrez, the “Don of Ybor City’s Underworld”. There’s just one problem. While you were building your case against Wild Bill and following his every move, he was already on to YOU!

You’ve arrived at a speakeasy known to be owned by the crime lord. You’re hoping to find more clues to get you face to face with Wild Bill, but he’s right behind you. His plan? “Trap” you in the speakeasy. You find a neatly wrapped package among your investigation that is ticking suspiciously…

You’re stuck and you’ve got 60 minutes. Can you make it out alive?




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